“Arbitration Courts” -How are the files sold by the state bar, damage 230 million €

Albanian taxpayers will be obliged to pay 230 million euros to foreign investors who have filed lawsuits against the Albanian government in international arbitration courts. For contracts that have a high likelihood of being arbitrated, the payment amount may be increased by 100%. The Albanian state paid 21 million euros for final arbitral rulings during the first decade of the transition, from 1993 to 2003. However, due to a lack of transparency, the requirements are no longer known. Why does the Albanian state continue to lose legal battles and trade and investment disputes in arbitration, particularly when these are cases that should not be lost? What exactly are the terms of the agreements that the Albanian government makes with their international investors? In light of these developments, what part should the State Advocacy play? Could there be corruption in the ranks of the administration that drafts public contracts?