Round Table on the Investigative Documentary “Cocaine Bosses”

Following the documentary “Cocaine Bosses” a round table was held, where discussions focused on problems related to investigation and threats for the Albanian society. This documentary was broadcasted on Top Channel on November 10, 2021, within the project funded by the European Union “Enhance Journalism to make Accountability occur and Democracy Function”, implemented by Top Channel in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation.
This roundtable brought together security experts, criminology professors, journalists and activists. The discussants focused on the analysis of Albanian criminal groups, their methods of operation, the international scope and the dangerous influence they have on politics and administration. During the roundtable, the participants raised with concern the increase in cocaine traffic flows to Albania as a point of transit. Among other things, emphasis was placed on the increased cases of traffic through the port of Durrës.
Importing of crimes into the country was considered as alarming by the experts, as a result of destruction of drug deals between the Albanian gangs outside the territory. Corruption in the law-enforcement structures was one of the points raised with concern that is still assessed by experts as an essential problem in the fight against organized crime.